Reclaimed Roofing

Reclaimed Roofing in London

With over 500,000 in stock at one given time we are able to match any tile with our team we offer free site visits where we will guide you to want you need. Here are some of the tiles that we stock.

Handmade Clay Tiles

  • Kent Peg Tiles
  • Tilehust
  • Keymers
  • Coverwell
  • 11x7clay nib tiles
  • 10.5×6.5clay nib tiles
  • Swallows
  • Warner Starrs


Machine Made Tiles

  • Acme
  • Drednought
  • Acme centruy
  • Acme sandstorm
  • Coalport brossley
  • Hawkin cannock
  • Rosemary


Concrete tiles.various amounts always stocked.

  • Roof slates. (various sizes in stock of welsh,french,spanish,chinese)
  • Double roman and other materials.
  • Sterberg cortai
  • Norfolk pan tiles.



  • Ridges
  • Clay bonnetts
  • Valleys
  • Tile and half
  • Eves